Why Fencing?

In Canada about 7% of all drowning occur in swimming pools. Out of these 7% in drowning most occur during non-aquatic activities which include playing or walking near a pool. Furthermore these drowning mainly involve children who gain access to the pool without supervision. This situation can be mitigated with the installation of a safety fence!

Pool Safety Fencing for Kids

What Is a Safety Fence?

A safety fence is a convenient cost effective safety solution that surrounds your entire pool and/or water feature with the sole purpose of restricting access to a pool thereby protecting children and/or small animals. Our Swimming Pool Safety fencing compliments the aesthetics of the surrounding area by being built from nearly transparent material and providing for a clear view of you pool/spa. Your swimming pool safety fence will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your summer worry-free.

Benefits of A Safety Fence

  1. Safety
    Eliminate access to pool thereby eliminating the threat of drowning. After all, your children’s safety is key.  The fence stands between 4 and 5 foot high, self closing gate for easy access and a self latching, key lockable gate latch to make sure that you do not forget to restrict access to the pool.

  2. Transparent Barrier
    Always have a clear view of the surrounding environment! Know where your children are at all times. Furthermore, by having a transparent safety the aesthetics of your surrounding are is not compromised!

  3. Removable & Easy Storage
    Are you having a party or just need to remove the barrier? When not in use, the safety fence is easily removed and rolled for easy storage. 

  4. Cleanliness of pool
    Save time and money on having a clean pool. Many leaves that could potentially wined up in your pool due to winds are caught by the fence. This reduces the leave build up, meaning you will have to spend less time on skimming your pool or money on having someone do it for you.  Furthermore a reduction in the volume of leaves in your pool directly relates to the amount of chemicals required to treat potential algae growth.

  5. Durability
    Our safety fences are made to last! Meaning you can use them over and over year after year. The poles are made with 1 inch marine grade aluminum with a ½ inch stainless steel peg pole. Fabric is PVC coated polyester boarder with triple or quadruple stitched border. 

Safety Fencing Protects Children