Safety Fencing Installation

The installation of a pool safety fence requires skill and experience. When installed correctly, a removable safety pool fence will look magnificent and provide an excellent, easy to use, layer of safety.

Phase 1: Layout & Approval

The installation process begins with your approval of the layout. After a careful review of the pool area, the pool deck is marked for drilling.

Phase 2: The Drill & Sleeve Installation

Holes are drilled approximately every three feet. Plastic PVC sleeves are placed into these holes which hold and support the pool safety fence poles. When the pool safety fence is not in use, deck sleeves are plugged.

Phase 3: Fence & Gate Installation

After the deck is drilled, the fence and gate is installed. Sections are then customized and connected together to make a continuous fence which either completely surrounds the pool area or runs from one side of the yard to other. Keep in mind that a fence that completely surrounds the pool will 99.9% of all times be the safest layout option.

Installed Pool Safety Fencing

Time to Complete Job

Most installations take about a day to complete. Upon completion of your job, our crew will demonstrate on the use and care of your new fence. Our crew will answer any questions that you may have and collect final payment. Although removing your safety fence is quite simple we recommend keeping it always in place due to all of benefits of keeping a safety fence.

Newly Installed Pool Fencing